Friday, January 18, 2019

Jennifer, mother of 5, has lost friends. . .

She was always a Conservative, always a Christian, and enjoyed friends from  many different lifestyles, until . . .

“I always found a lot of fulfillment in having open conversations with people unlike me- and enjoyed growing and learning from all new perspectives, upbringings, and cultures and religions- it made me proud to be American and felt it embraced free speech and thought.

I became so disheartened over the past few years as it became obvious those kinds of conversations could no longer be had by my many of my friends and family that ran along a more left or liberal leaning line- since voting for Trump I have lost two of my lifelong best childhood friends - friends that were like sisters for 25 years or more.  I was devastated to be called a bigot and a racist and worse- a fake and hypocritical Christian simply for my conservative beliefs- and the told we could no longer be friends.   I was in shock.  Even though I never supported Hillary,  it didn’t even occur to me to end friendships over someone else’s difference in opinion or political views.”

I feel your pain, Jennifer. [from her Walk Away post on Facebook]

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