Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Trump trumps the media again

They are going bonkers with hate filled monologues, articles and jokes about the President offering football players fast food since the Democrats have shut down the government and there was no food service in the White House.  Can’t believe how humorless and pointless “journalists” have become. I think their ratings are lower than Congress.  What 20-something kid doesn’t love fast food?  Some lefties are calling the feast “racist!”  New Yorker calls it “banal.” Americans spend over $200 Billion a year on fast food and they are dissing the deplorables again. Wow.  Elitism rides again rough shod over Americans.   They even criticized the President for saying the first and second lady could make salads apparently putting down all women with the comment.  Can’t believe them—it isn’t fake news, it’s inability to understand a joke, a wise crack or a nuance.


Apparently it’s OK for Planned Parenthood to put their billboards and clinics in black neighborhoods, but fast food companies shouldn’t do that—according to some lefty web sites I’ve seen—and I won’t link because they don’t deserve to be paid by their advertisers.   They are all capitalists, but the media are just more self-righteous.

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