Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pastors, not to speak is to speak

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Pastors and teachers, will your sermons and teachings this week engage the actual world? Or will our passivity give folly and death more ground?

Legalized infanticide in New York. Hate Hoaxes framing innocent bystanders (the Covington kids etc.). Borders open to drugs and crime, with thousands of victims.

I urge every Christian minister to step up to the plate this Sunday. Conviction and courage, friends. In time of war, silence isn't golden. It's yellow.

Be a Bonhoeffer. A Paul. Be like Jesus. Speak, stand, act - because of love. It's time to restore the garden in which we're placed to steward, and to grow.

Kelly Monroe Kullberg, author of Finding God at Harvard and A Faith and Culture Devotional and founder of the Veritas Forum

Sorry, Kelly—we’ve never heard a sermon on abortion, on marriage, on war, on drugs, on friendships and relationships destroyed by political animosity—and we never will.

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