Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New York’s new law was cheered by ghouls

In the last 25 years I've heard the liberals/leftists/Marxists/Democrats redefine a lot of words, but cracking the skull of a baby coming through the birth canal and sucking out her brains so she's DOA then calling it "Reproductive Health" is really Orwellian. And they cheered! Dr. Gosnell will no longer hold the record for killing the most babies.

It “expands abortion for virtually any reason through the third trimester” even allowing abortion on viable babies for financial reasons. Insurance carriers will now be required cover abortion and non-physicians may commit abortions. The law even rescinds protections for babies born alive during an abortion, and will not treat preborn victims of violence as homicide victims."

And it's coming to your state, too.  This is how fearful Democrats are that their flimsy flimflam Roe v. Wade will be over turned, so they are preemptively creating new laws to make it worse.

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