Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A saint who came late to the party, St. Claude la Colombiere, 1641-1682, beatified 1929

"I am resolved to put no limit to my trust, and to spread it out to everything. It seems to me that I ought to make use of Our Lord as an armor which covers me all about, by means of which I shall resist every device of my enemies. You shall then be my strength, my God! You shall be my guide, my director, my counselor, my patience, my knowledge, my peace, my justice, and my prudence. I will have recourse to you in my temptations, in my dryness, in my repugnances, in my weariness, in my fears; or rather I will no longer fear either the illusions or the tricks of the demon, nor my own weakness, my indiscretions, not even my mistrust of myself. For you must be my strength in all my crosses; you promise me that this you will be in proportion to my confidence. And wonderful indeed it is, my God, that at the same time that you impose this condition, it seems to me that you give me the confidence wherewith to fulfill it. May you be eternally loved and praised by all creatures, my very loving Lord! If you were not my strength, alas! what would I do? But since you are, you assure me that you are, what shall I not do for your glory? “Omnia possum in eo qui me confortat.” [Phil 4:13] You are everywhere in me, and I in you; then in whatever situation I may find myself, in whatever peril whatever enemy may rise up against me, I have my support always with me."

St. Claude la Colombiere, Jesuit, 1641-1682, beatified 1929

I like "lists," although I don't make them. . .

God shall be . . .

my strength,

my guide,

my director,

my counselor,

my patience,

my knowledge,

my peace,

my justice and

my prudence.

This saint didn't have the usual qualities--no miracles, no great books, no apparitions, and was sick much of his life due to imprisonment, persecutions by the Protestants and bad climate of England. But I came across this in today's devotions  (Magnificat, vol. 21, no. 11) and liked it.

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