Friday, January 05, 2007

3336 My letter to Glenn Beck

Hey, I'm on a roll. Just can't seem to stop writing letters.

Dear Glenn,

I wrote to WTVN protesting the programming change. Letter here.

Now I'm wondering. I just heard you insult me and President Ford by joking about his funeral. You said no station but WTVN carried it because they were looking for a reason to avoid carrying you (paraphrase, so don't get picky on me). I listened to it on WTVN radio. It was very moving, and I loved the hymns and the eulogies. My husband, sister (Illinois--way out of range for WTVN) and many friends, and some of my blog readers who e-mailed me, also either watched or listened.

Grow up, Glenn. Not everything is about you. There are times you're ahead--you should just shut up while you're there.

Norma Bruce
(you're on here, but I've switched to Cincinnati for today)

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Anonymous said...

Norma, you crack me up. You are worse than I am. Keep writing!