Wednesday, January 17, 2007

3376 Looks like a crouching cat

This is a screen capture of my statistics for the past year for Collecting My Thoughts. Sort of looks like a crouching or sleeping cat outline. See the perky ears on the left, then the rounded back on the right. Oh, you don't see it? Well, I also like to paint when I'm not blogging, and am working on a poetry assignment which is much tougher than either painting or blogging. This week we're supposed to use a line from someone else's poem (at the Poetry Thursday site) and work with that.

I've been blogging since October 2003 and have written about 4,220 entries at this login (8 blogs), and about 30 at another blogger account (2), and about 450 at my LIS journal/weblog. I'm so over-blogged that hasn't been able to move me to beta blogger. I've deleted perhaps 50 or so entries that after they were up for a bit, I didn't like. However, I don't know if they ever go away or are floating out there trying to connect. I changed the name of one of my blogs after it was up for about 3 months--that's a mess, try not to do that. I've blogged about what I blog about. I'm nearing 140,000 hits/visits to this site. I don't have site meters at all my blogs--and some I rarely look at. My Family Tree Maker stopped me in mid-19th century relative yesterday to tell me that I'd just hit 3400 entries in that. So I stopped and googled a 3rd cousin once removed and found she is a lawyer in DC who has argued cases before the Supreme Court. Don't we live in amazing times for information and communication?

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