Monday, January 08, 2007

3350 Oh lady, you don't want to know!

She wanted to know what sort of cold hearted bitch she was, and I was ready to respond, but didn't want to sign in for one more password. So I moved on, but I really, truly wanted to call her exactly what she'd already named herself. Other words that come to mind. . . whiny, spoiled, self-centered, childish. But maybe it's depression. I think it's what started the women's movement in the 1970s. And children's lives have been going down hill since.


Anonymous said...

YIKES! Sounds like depression to me as well, but I have lived through enough of other people's depression to know that there are NO excuses for destroying your family, ESPECIALLY your own feelings. Once a person becomes a parent, that is their priority -- NO MATTER WHAT!

That post made me angry as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's why I don't stray too much from my few trusty blogs that I read. Sometimes there is some really scarey stuff out there. I'm going to say a prayer for her husband and child and one for her that she makes some good decisions. She sounds very self centered with borderline personality disorder.

mdoneil said...

I'm not ruling out seasonal affective disorder. Whatever it is she would do well to see a mental health professional.

Did you ever wonder why the poor people of the Yucatan (or any other non-spoiled place) never complain of depression. They just don't have the time as they work to support themselves and their families.

She may not be a bitch, but simply acting like one because she thinks she is brilliant but does not grasp the fact that she is depressed and should see someone.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that blogs are places many tend to voice their innermost thoughts. Thoughts they would never say aloud at, say, a party. Or to the faces of their loved ones. They dig deep within themselves and something compels them to write it down. They don't think about the fact that others will read it and judge it. Maybe even members of their family!

Maybe everyone on the planet has always made the right decisions in their lives, and never had a regret except for me and this other woman, the one Norma linked to. Then again, maybe most, if not all of us have at one time or another felt what this woman felt. "Did I make a mistake? Why did I choose this life? What possessed me to say 'yes' when he asked, and why did I get pregnant?"

And in some dark time in our lives, have we not all rather wished we could go to some greener pasture? Or maybe, again, it's only me and this other woman who longs for do-overs, from time to time.

Maybe we recover from that dark moment in our lives, and maybe we go on, chunking through the life we chose, living up to our responsibilities, day after day, doing our best. But the thoughts still crop up, sometimes.

Giving them voice may be a mistake. Or it may be catharsis for us. Or it may be that we're reaching out, hoping someone could help us find something shining and good in the choice we made.

But, to my way of thinking, simply saying "I wish I had done it differently" in no way says "I'm going to rip apart the lives of my husband and child now."

It's wrong, IMO, to judge someone as being "self-centered" because they gave voice to some of the dark thoughts of the sort I suspect we all usually harbor at one point in our lives.

Dancing Boys Mom said...

That was just about the most sick and twisted bit of self-absorption I've ever read. This woman sounds like my mother. Probably why I feel the way I do.

Poor me, my life is so perfect, I hate it.

Yeah, yeah, cry me a river.

I hate to say this but her family would be better off without her. Especially if she's talking like this in front of them like my mother always did.