Friday, January 05, 2007

Alcohol in breast milk and child abuse

Whatever you think about the morality, pleasure or efficacy of drinking alcohol, you can't honestly say it tastes good. With flavorings, possibly some drinks taste less awful than others. I have never tasted beer because it smells like rotten grain, and I think that's why God gave us a sense of smell.

So if you are pregnant or nursing, are you telling me you can't avoid a bad tasting, mood altering drug for 15 months? (9 months + the 6 average for nursing) Come on, ladies--toughen up. The terrible twos and the teen years are coming at you fast. Get a spine. Put down that bottle of beer or glass of Chardonnay. You can wait three hours 'til your breast milk is safe for someone who weighs 8 lbs and is totally dependent on you.

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