Monday, January 15, 2007

3373 Americans and health care

Something to consider when thinking about demands for government health care. This writer takes a slightly different direction.

"There’s ample evidence that Americans don’t care very much about their health. They grouse about copayments at the doctor’s office or pharmacy and may leave an office in high dudgeon if expected to pay a reasonable bill not "covered" by their insurance. They often refuse to buy medical insurance even if they can afford it. Aside from a subpopulation of health fanatics, many Americans constantly defy the grandmotherly advice* that is the proven basis for effective health maintenance. They smoke, drink, take drugs, engage in casual sex, and/or overeat. They do not exercise, eat their vegetables, or conscientiously wash their hands. They may be willing to take lots of pills, but appear to be allergic to anything that interferes with instant gratification or requires self-discipline."

*Like mine at this blog, which is--eat less, move more; eat all the colors; don't smoke.

from Your money and your life.

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