Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Our class reunions

We're going to two high school class reunions this summer, one in June, one in July. Enrollment at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis was larger than the town where I lived, Mt. Morris, Illinois. Tech is a fabulous place--and I love it. It is very different now than in the 50s, but you still feel and see the beauty, warmth and history when you step onto the campus. My husband was in a social club called the SLOBS, so many of his closest friends were not actually in his class, but the group has its own reunions.

So I've been looking for just the right outfit to wear. I'm waving the white flag. I've lost the battle on dressing up--no one does that anymore--not for church, or theater, or cruises or special events. Oh, maybe a wedding might the be last hold-out where you would see a skirt or dress. So I bought a cream colored pants suit, 3/4 length sleeves, and am choosing the color of blouse--I'm looking at red (not my good color, but one of the school colors), deep blue, taupe, or coral. I'm very pale, so coral or taupe are my colors. The taupe blouse really doesn't fit that well and will probably be too hot, so I think I've eliminated that. Here's the suit--ignore the paintings on the floor--my husband is getting ready for a show and has no place to put them. The walls are full.

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Anonymous said...

You never have to be concerned about wardrobe!
You look great in anything, you petite, little gal. :)

Deutscher ein kleiner rostiger, benutzter Babel Fisch. Sehr n├╝tzlich, wenn ein Vetter in Gustov geschrieben wird!