Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Illegal aliens

Our border guard, who is helpless, noticed her first.

But, there she was in the shadows near the border, looking for a spot to cross.

Ah, safely across, now to just blend in.

Now to scope out a place for a nest to drop her babies, who will then see our condo grounds as their forever home, a place to come back to next year. Last year, she was probably hatched in a nest right on the creek, but this looks cozier. I may have even taken cute photos of her mommy leading her and the sibs, upstream. The skunks and woodchucks probably won't come this close, so it might even be safer to have the babies here. It's close enough to walk to the creek. Afterall, the residents will probably make sure her nest is protected, and might even bring food and protect her from those noisy lawn guys with trucks and mowers.

As I type this, she has boldly walked up to my border guard, and seems to be saying, "Catch me if you can. I've come to stay."


JAM said...

That is so cute.

We have an oppossum that comes into our yard on many nights, and at about 3am when the dogs want out, they sometimes run her out of our back yard, she/he scoots under our fence. Our little yappers sound like Amageddon carrying on like that at such a quiet hour.

Norma said...

Oh, I'll bet the neighbors love you guys! Can't they cross their little legs until morning?