Friday, May 25, 2007

On Holiday

My most loyal reader called to ask why I wasn't blogging. Thanks, Bev! Hope you all (in the USA) have a nice holiday week-end; time to go to the cemetery, decorate some graves and say Thank You.

Meanwhile, I found an interesting blog for you to visit--especially if you've ever been a student or a teacher, which would be just about everyone. It's called Rate Your Students. Near as I can tell, both students and teachers send the site comments about classroom experiences and assignments which are then posted by the blog hosts. Here's a good one.
    The next time you give a formal presentation and kick off your flip-flops on the way to the front of the room, perhaps you shouldn't come to me two days later demanding why your effort grade wasn’t higher. Also, I have no problem with you bringing your well-behaved child to a class because the daycare fell through, but I must admit that I wonder about your parenting skills when I lean down to warn you that we will be watching a couple scenes from an R-rated movie that contains adult language and you say, “Oh, we’ll just stay here. She’s used to it.” I suggest you reserve her “Girls Gone Wild” consent form in advance. Oh, and her suite at rehab. Maybe you can get a window room.
I mean, is that priceless, or what? Haven't we all seen that sort of effort or parent just about everywhere? Or this one from a music teacher:
    Your knowledge is bounded by your bigotry. I get it. You're indie. You hate everything that reeks of formalism and conformity. You like bands with names like “The Decemberists” and “A3”, but you will immediately stop liking them as soon as you hear that I know they exist. Every time I give you an assignment like writing 4 part choral harmony, or programming a hip-hop drum part, you have to protect your indie cred by informing the entire class that this type of music sucks, and that you don't need to learn how to do this because your own unique artistic voice will always only consist of poorly played guitar riffs layered 50 times and washed out in reverb. Two things: first, the fact that you think Coltrane sucks does not, in fact, make Coltrane suck. It makes you a narcissist with a myopic range of cultural influences, which is basically the exact opposite of people I like. The second thing is this. Your parents are spending $30,000 a year to send you to this school, where you chose to study music in a formalized setting, from people who make their living in this industry, and where a significant portion of your education will come from imitating the artistic masters who came before you. I don't know what indie cred is, but I'm pretty sure that you lost all of it when you chose this path. Wanna be indie? Drop out, move to Silverlake, rent a room from a cross-dressing coffee shop owner, work at an organic grocery co-op in NoHo for minimum wage, and practice your instrument 9 hours a day. If you want to be the thing, be the thing, don't just wear the clothes.

RYS will be blogging light during the summer, but I'm sure the archives are good.


RennyBA said...

RYS sounds interesting - as you know I'm guest lecturing at a university in Oslo, Norway.

Btw: My food meme if finally up:-)

Anonymous said...

The music one is definitely the best!! You can apply the illustration to so many nitwits out there! Bravo!!