Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Is there anyone out there who believes this is about a girlfriend?

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz's girlfriend's compensation package is the problem? Oh, please. Wolfowitz is on the Bill Clinton side of feminism, and liberals don't usually object to that, nor do they worry about nepotism.

The wife of our former President is running for President; the son of a former President is our President; when a Senator or Congressman dies in office, his wife is appointed to the office; the wives of disabled Presidents have run the country; the wife of the Democratic Mayor of Columbus gets a cushy, well paid job in our Democratic governor's administration; the wife of a former President of Ohio State University has a job and office open up where previously none existed; same for a librarian whose husband had been appointed a full professor in another department. And it is no different for girlfriends, boy toys and significant others.

The Wolfowitz "ethical lapse" is part of the larger Bush Derangement Syndrome, but with a slightly broader base.
    Wolfowitz was Bush's former deputy defense secretary who helped move Bush into the war in Iraq.

    He's a NeoCon, a former liberal, so he's doubly hated by the left because he left.

    But most importantly, because the World Bank is a liberal institution run along the same management lines as the United Nations, he was going after corruption within the organization. If aid with no strings attached and no outcome requirements worked in the last 40 years, Africa wouldn't be mired in rotting infrastructure and corruption. If he were successful, the board and the corrupt officials taking the "aid" would be out of power.
Wolfowitz's transparency about the girlfriend when he was appointed, his willingness to recuse himself, his taking the advice of the ethics committee, were signs of what was to come. The Board panicked. Wolfowitz needed to go. Plus there's all that messy Iraq War stuff and believing Jihadism really is a threat to the world. I doubt that the Bush Administration will stand up for him; but if they cut him lose, it won't stop the liberal left from attacking something or someone else. I personally find Wolfowitz's marital behavior a huge downfall for him (and his family), but fiscally, he was probably what the World Bank needed, but didn't want.

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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I agree with you about the behavior and if you will treat your wife that way, what stops you from treating your country that way. Hmmm..

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