Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Family Photo

Here it is. The new bed, with the new bedspread, and the new wall color. Not quite finished yet. The bathrooms still have some work now that the carpenters are finished (try to get that done before you paint). I'm hoping this will be the last bed. We've had a problem with that.

After: new color is light gold with some green undertones, flipping the wall and trim colors from the guest room, looks good with the wood tones. Coverlet is cream, gold, green and blue. Bed is from Amish Vault in Bucyrus, OH.

Before: with dark blue faux glaze that was awful to try to cover. Every room in the house was either faux glazed or wallpapered, but this one seemed to have an impenetrable glaze over the glaze--and was actually lighter than most of the other rooms, so we did it last.

Still a bit of work to do

Have you seen that ad on TV where the guy starts flipping the wall switch asking his wife in the next room what it is for? She has no idea. Meanwhile, down the street a garage door is going up and down on a car hood, "Life comes at you fast," is the voice over as it crashes onto a bewildered woman inside the car. We'd forgotten that switch that shows above the dresser top because it was faux painted too. No idea what it goes to, but if a garage door starts moving. . .


Melli said...

Oh I LIKE that new look A LOT! The wall color is beautiful!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I LOVE the new look!! Hubby and I have been talking about painting our bedroom. It's one of the last rooms to get painted and you've inspired me. It may get done sooner than he thought :)

JAM said...

I love the new look too. We've just ordered a new bed, our first king, and will need to get at least a headboard now. I love the one you and your husband have. I like the classic looks and clean lines. I don't like ornate furniture at all.