Friday, February 08, 2008


What do you do with your old Christmas cards?

I love the time between Thanksgiving and Epiphany--lots of first class mail as cards and letters drop through our mail slot. Then what to do with them? My tendency to save paper memorabilia is a bit of a problem--especially what to do with what my grandmother saved from the 1880-1890s! I save the letters, the cards with notes, the hand-made or designed cards, and the cards with particularly lovely scenes--usually from a watercolor print. Over the years, that's a lot of paper!

This week we discovered something new to do with holiday greetings. We got a post card from a pastor and his wife of a church we occasionally visit. It's close by, has communion every Sunday, and offers a week day, day-time Bible study led by the pastor. (And the best reason to attend is we know nothing of the inner political squabbles that all churches have.) The postcard said they'd received many beautiful cards and letters at Christmas and each day selected one to pray for the senders, and they had prayed for us on Monday, Feb. 4. That's such a nice idea I think I'll freshen my prayer list with that idea.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you ever decide to clean house and rid yourself of old cards, be sure to remove the stamps from the old envelopes. You might have a valuable collector stamp!

Norma said...

Thanks for the suggestion. The only envelopes I have are the really old ones, and those I'll keep. The current ones I cut off and donate to a group that reuses them for stamp collecting.