Monday, March 24, 2008


New endeavor

This is probably a difficult time to start a new magazine, but I did buy one for my collection this morning and have posted it at my In the Beginning blog about premiere issues. This perky blogger is responsible for the artwork and content, I think. Its original title was Homegrown Hospitality, and it has already changed it to Home and Heart. An inside librarian joke was to create a serial with the name Title Varies*--the topic, of course, was title changes. The issue I purchased said, "display until 10/9/07" but it must have become wedged behind some others and wasn't pulled. Lucky me. The hobby angel saved it.

*A piece of history at Serials Round Table history site: "One periodical which reflects this flurry of serials activities was Title Varies which began in December 1973. Those familiar with this publication remember the infamous acronym, LUTFCSUSTC (pronounced “lootfasustic”, or “lutfasustic”, depending on who was pronouncing it) which stood for Librarians United to Fight Costly, Silly Unnecessary Title Changes. Texas serialists were a very vocal group in their contributed letters, articles, and serial title changes." One librarian wrote in Title Varies in the 1970s wondered who puts up the money for new serials (high mortality, high cost) and who subscribes (libraries) even pondered what we would do without new ones appearing all the time . . . "Imagine what would happen if all that information kept building up and had no way to disseminate itself until finally it would have to propel itself outward in random directions at high velocities, accompanied by heat, light, and noise. That would be a real information explosion." Doesn't that sound like a prediction of cyberspace?

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