Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Three Word Wednesday, #76 for March 5

Today Bone has given us
to think about for 3WW. This is a true story-poem. And this could be any one of the little boys who rode their trikes past my house--I used them all. Although only one sang.

When we would meet
our boundaries were Main
and Hitt Street.
We’d ride your tricycle
twice around and back again,
over the bumpy sidewalk,
you peddling and me hanging on.
Then I would peddle
bumping my knees
and you would rest,
sometimes singing me a song.
Wasn’t life simple and sweet
when we were little on Main
and Hitt Street?


paisley said...

what a quaint memory... i wonder what children from this era will remember most about their childhoods.... very nice poem.

Tumblewords: said...

Cute story - like the detail of street names. I wrote about a trike, too. Hmmm. Great minds?

L said...

love it, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Got me into my childhood days..

walking the sidewalk

TC said...

I really enjoyed this Norma.

Made me miss "the boy next door" that I grew up with.

Bone said...

Wasn't life simple and sweet

I thought that line summed up this wonderful memory. "Sidewalk" made me think of being a kid, too. Though I didn't go that direction with my post.

WriterKat said...

beautifully simple and poignant.

Christine Gail said...

thanks for taking us on a walk down memory lane. The carefree days of childhood go by too fast and memories are all that last. Enjoyed!