Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hillary takes Ohio

We had a big discussion at the coffee shop this morning. There would probably be law suits and disenfranchisement charges if we still had a Republican Secretary of State, but we don't. Obama wanted polling places kept open in those counties he had the strongest turn out--Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati--our big three. Weather got bad; ran out of some ballots, etc. He was turned down, and being as far behind as he was, I don't think anyone's brought out the legal beagles. But if it had been 50.5% to 49.5%? Probably still would have found a way to blame Republicans!

One coffee shop friend thought maybe Governor Strickland might be her choice for veep. I hadn't thought of that, but he'd be a good choice. Like Obama, he has no record on anything. He's a former Methodist minister. And he doesn't have any big city machine backing him.

When I was walking at the UALC Mill Run church I saw the polling results taped to the door, like a very long grocery receipt, signed by the election judges. Is that the law? Normally, at UALC we don't have bad door hygiene--which is a term for taping posters and notices on glass doors like they were bulletin boards. Bulletin boards cost $15; doors, thousands. So I looked at it. 305 Democrats voted, 170 Republicans, and 22 non-party. Hillary got 164 and McCain 87. Seems like a pretty poor turn out--I don't think that is a Democrat area, however, most Republicans figured it didn't pay to come out to vote, but there were other issues--like a bond.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to have someone from Ohio tell me why the women in that state would vote for Hillary. Her track record is terrible,( she really doesn't have much of a record) she spews mud, she lies,steals, and probably at one time should have been jailed. While Obama has kept his cool and refrained from bringing up Hillary's "right wing" conspiracy crap. He wouldn't have to invent any mud on her!

Norma said...

I think they're both being careful about the mud slinging, thinking they might share the ticket and the spoils.