Friday, February 01, 2013

Ballards before the move to Illinois—Friday family photo

Ballard family

William Ballard (Grand dad) seated in front with Leta Ballard on his lap; behind him the young boy in a suit is Arthur Ballard; behind William is his wife Leanor Williford Ballard. Standing to his left is Blanche Molly Ballard and her brother Earle Ballard.  On the far right in the white blouse and black skirt is Cora Ballard, oldest daughter of William and Leanor.  The man directly behind the baby is Frank Williford, Leanor’s brother and to his right is probably his wife Minnie Cline Williford.  Between Frank and Cora are Joe and Maude Rodeffer who in the 1930s lived in Mt. Morris, but I don’t believe are relatives. 

Leta was born in 1906 in Tennessee, and appears to be about 2 years old. If Roy and Bessie are in the photo, I can’t pick them out.

Update:  A 1917 farm directory for Ogle County that I just found today says Wm Ballard was a resident of Ogle Co. in 1905. . . maybe they returned to Tennessee for a while?

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Norma said...

I guess that can't be Minnie Cline Williford--she died in 1903.