Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Little ones in the news

What would you have named the baby Clydesdale from the Super Bowl ad? Budweiser got over 50,000 suggestions. Winning name is HOPE. Her mother is Darla who was taking over the photoshoot (baby was sleeping).  Somewhere I saw that this ad was designed to grab women; I think it worked, that and the farmer/ Paul Harvey ad are the only ones I hear my friends talking about.  I’ve still never had a beer.  Smells awful.

Noticed a story on Fox News about a 6 year old girl who took her mom's car so she could visit her dad, who she missed. Hit a few cars and bushes (lots of snow on the narrow streets). No comment from the talking heads on the parents who apparently weren't together nor paying attention to visitation requirements. Actually, that and not car theft by kids, is the big break down in our society.  It was a Mercedes, so maybe mom was a baby momma of one of the NFL players.

World health rankings are distorted (and often used for political purposes, IMO). Infant mortality, for instance. "Doctors in the U.S. are much more aggressive than foreign counterparts about trying to save premature babies. Thousands of babies that would have been declared stillborn in other countries and never given a chance at life are saved in the U.S. As a result, the percentage of preterm births in America is exceptionally high—65% higher than in Britain, and about double the rates in Finland and Greece."

Wall St. Journal article

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