Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mayor Coleman compared to President Obama

If you want to understand former Mayor Giuliani’s remarks about President Obama’s love for country, just compare Obama’s speeches about the U.S. with our Mayor Colman’s.  He recently gave his 16th state of the city address (doesn’t plan to run for a 5th term), and frankly, I’ve never heard such a cheerleader.  Maybe Mayors just talk differently than Presidents, but I’ve never thought the President liked us or the country.  I think I said that in 2008. Even when President Obama talks about things he really shouldn’t be taking credit for, he doesn’t sound sincere and even when he isn’t wagging a finger at us, I feel like he is. (Misleading headline alert)

At one time Coleman had his eye on higher office, but his wife had some problems with alcohol, and he decided he was more needed at home.  However, some years later they did separate and divorce.

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