Wednesday, February 11, 2015

President Obama’s big gay lie

There are several lies being told about Obama's gay lies (as revealed this week in David Axelrod's book). The big one (by Axelrod) is that it was justified because look at the progress gays have made during Obama's administration. Really? Reminds me of whites claiming the progress blacks made in the 60s was the result of their good will and beneficence. We'd be in the same place with McCain as president because this pot had been reaching a small boil for over 30 years. The next big lie is Obama was afraid he'd lose the support of black Christians if they knew he supported gay marriage. How many black men support marriage, period? The third big lie is that he "evolved" on the issue just in time for the 2012 election. I suspect he was going to be "outed" big time as some tried in 2008 if he didn't submit to the gay mafia.

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