Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Crusades vs. Jihad

Why the Crusades: the Muslims conquered the Christian Near East, parts of Italy, and all of Spain—unchecked, they'd have taken Europe.


Both are “holy wars,” but the jihad continues.  Wake up.

If you’ve been napping or you are only watching MSNBC, the President compared killing by Christians during the Crusades a thousand years ago with killing by ISIS at the Prayer Breakfast (organized by Christians) on Thursday. Then for good measure he threw in the Inquisition (which was an effort by the Spanish crown aka big government), slavery in the U.S., and Jim Crow (all by implication caused and carried out by Christians). History alert: world wide slavery, both cross Atlantic in the 17-18th centuries and today were supported and financed by Arabs and Muslims; Jim Crow was primarily a Democrat effort to hold back newly won rights given by Republicans, and free blacks in the U.S. during pre-Civil War days owned slaves at a higher rate than did white citizens.  Our dear leader has given the jihadis more ammunition. They too talk about the Crusades today, and ignore that they were in response for Muslim warriors forcibly converting millions of Christians, destroying their countries, and taking them as slaves to Africa. Every dot on the above map represents a successful battle by Islamists spreading their hate, fear and religion.  It began in northern Africa, moved to the islands of the Mediterranean, took over Spain (where their civilization was called Moor), into France, Italy, southern Russia, etc. Our President not only leads from behind, but he is waaaaaay behind.

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