Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where is the outrage—4 murder victims

This morning on the news I heard about the video confession of Donald Hoffman who murdered viciously 4 people about a year ago in Bucyrus, Ohio. Not sure of the weapons--blunt force and strangulation were cited. He was on cocaine, don't know about the victims. But, I only mention this because there was no one gathered at his arraignment last year except the crying family members of the victims. No thousands holding candles or charging hate crimes for the White House and Department of Justice. In the photo, he looks like he could be the twin of the guy who killed the 3 in Chapel Hill. He also had a long history with the police and violent behavior. I don't recall any outrage over these 4 murders. Anyone else in Ohio, or Florida, California or Illinois remember this case?

One thing the killing of 3 young adult Muslims in Chapel Hill by a self proclaimed atheist proves to Americans is that Muslims really can rally, demonstrate and speak out against the unspeakable--but only from a very safe distance from ISIS and the Middle East wars. They have the free speech, religion and assembly protection offered by this country. So they really do have a voice in condemning evil.

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