Saturday, February 21, 2015

The feminist movement plus increased materialism and decreased church participation

“In the schema of the Second Demographic Transition, long, stable marriages are out, and divorce or separation are in, along with serial cohabitation and increasingly contingent liaisons. Not surprisingly, this new environment of perennially conditional, no-fault unions was also seen as ushering in an era of more or less permanent sub-replacement fertility.” WSJ article by Nicholas Eberstadt

Don’t like that conclusion? (mine)  How else would emphasis on success and satisfaction in the business world by women combined with easy contraception and abortion and dropping church attendance work out? And it’s not just the United States.   A child-free marriage or no marriage is also sought after in many European and Asian countries.  Note, the change in vocabulary?  Childless marriage is now child-free marriage. Also, note the sources I’ve tracked down on the subject—most are left of center.

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