Friday, April 24, 2015

Gay marriage and Bruce Jenner

This morning I heard that phrase “on the wrong side of history” in reference to Ohio and gay marriage. That phrase means just the opposite. It actually means “let’s throw out history and chart a new course.” And I’ve heard it was a Karl Marx phrase, but haven’t researched that. He thought communism was progress, thus “progressive” and changing history.  And it did indeed change history—more people have died at the hand of their own government under communism, or some form of it, than all the wars of history.

History, recorded and oral tradition, doesn’t support same sex marriage, even though all cultures seemed to be aware of men being used for prostitution and boys for sweethearts until the “real marriage” which produced children and bound family groups.  When we visited Pompeii ruins the mosaic depictions of gay sex were common. I recall something like posters, and men could choose from the representation of . . . well, let’s just say they were definitely first century porn.  I didn’t take any photos.

Also, I suppose the transgender crowd can look back to the eunuchs who were often trusted guards of harems, or loyal advisors of the king, or the wonderful choral performers of the middle ages. Bruce Jenner is right now the darling of the media and ABC is really pushing you watch the interview.  He will have himself eunuchized through voluntary castration and surgical removal of his penis.

I find it strange that people who long to be the other gender believe the only part of their body that makes a man male or a woman female is the genitals. We are gendered right down to the cellular level. Muscle formation, bones, brains, response to diseases and pharmacology—it’s all about gender. Hormone shots won’t change it.

I had a good friend who went through this.  He was so much happier after facial and hair line surgery (formerly looked very male) and hormone shots.  He hadn’t yet had the surgery the last time I saw him 16 years ago, but was looking forward to it.  Meanwhile, he and his wife would both go out in dresses to shop for his new clothes.

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