Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another presidential campaign already?

The 2016 campaign is up and running. Here’s the score card since both Clinton and Rubio will probably toss in their hats this week.

The Democrats will again talk about

  • the war on women, gender and sex issues, and tell us
  • the economy is great except for the middle class,
  • the solution being to take more money from the rich.

The Republicans will again talk about

  • growing the economy,
  • expanding the middle class and
  • reducing the size of the government.

Neither party knows what to do about the poor—after all, the War on Poverty is over 50 years old and the only people it’s lifting are the government employees in the program and about $22,000 per poor person is being transferred and even government reports say Head Start creates no permanent gains and $20,000 roofs on $30,000 houses in bad neighborhoods doesn’t reduce crime. The poor are rarely mentioned these days. We have a good immigration law (Immigrant Reform and Control Act of 1986, 1990), but neither party wants to follow it because both unions and big business want more and cheaper workers and the Democrats want more voters.

But even I think the desire to help the poor during the LBJ years had a stronger moral footing affecting millions than fighting bakers and florists over gay weddings in the Obama years which might affect under a hundred.

Neither party seems to know what to do about the spreading wars among Muslims groups in the Middle East. Bush thought he could drag them into 21st century democracy and it was working until Democrats who supported the war started to fight him, and Obama thinks he can ignore terrorism, threats against Israel and the U.S. and wiping out Christianity, the oldest religion in the region.

If I sound discouraged, you’ve interpreted this correctly.

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