Thursday, April 30, 2015

Get out while you can.

Leave the party of ignorance of history, dumb on biology and naive about culture. Forget the party that thinks a 7 month old unborn baby isn't a human, but a man with an amputated penis is a woman. Forget the party that destroyed Detroit and Baltimore. Forget the party that believes marriage and birth rate isn't important for the survival of a nation. Leave the party of fear--fear of global warming, fear of the Constitution, fear of words, fear of food, fear of differences, fear of having no victims they can pity and manipulate. Leave the party that whips up hate and racism, bigotry and ignorance. Get out while you still can. Republicans have a very deep, diverse bench. Democrats have Hillary.

For the modern liberal, who is essentially a man of the Left, the immediate has apocalyptic urgency. He is an active member of the Cause-of-the-Month Club, forever prescribing drastic action to prevent the world from being blown up, overpopulated, poisoned, oppressed, or exploited. He thinks a government that maintains law and order--a big job at any time--is "doing nothing"; because to his mind a steady and quiet activity is nothing more than inactivity. Though he speaks the language of environmental preservation well enough, he never pauses to imagine the "environmental impact" of his own policies on a social ecology that is, after all, no less real because he disregards it.

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