Friday, April 24, 2015

What’s going on with our media?

It would be my guess, and maybe yours, that the MSM are jumping the Hillary ship for Elizabeth Warren.  Well over half the country and most politicians here at home and abroad have known for decades that the Clintons are crooks, and together they are practically a gang. So NOW in spring 2015 the media all of a sudden notice the funny money, the expansive gibberish, the lack of decency and morality?  I don't see any other explanation for the reporting from the left on their criminality and hypocrisy. Warren hasn't been in power long enough or had enough experience to have muddy footprints which may be part of the appeal. Even though she's a very wealthy woman and a doublespeak academic she still makes appeals to "ordinary Americans" (Obama's favorite term for the hoi polloi/proletariat).

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