Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You just wanted to make history by voting for the black candidate. . . and look what you did

Susan Elizabeth lives in Columbus.  She writes:

Just when I thought I was safe this year, the letter comes from my health insurance company. Another 11% raise in premiums. So I decided to look to see what has happened to my premiums since Obamacare passed. My deductible went from $2500 per year to $5000 per year. Before Obamacare, I had a policy where ER visits and 30 days of follow up care were covered 100% with no deductible. Once Obamacare passed, my insurance company went under and I was grandfathered over to my current policy which I've had since August, 2010. At that time, my monthly premium was $261.86 (up from $237 that I was paying with the company that went under). Then the monthly premiums have gone up in June of each year to the following premiums.

  • 2011: 268.02
    2012: $364.49
    2013: $442.86
    2014: $566.07
    2015: $630.70

I was promised I would save $2500 per year. Instead, I am now paying $4724 more per year. I now have to spend $12568.40 out of pocket before my insurance covers the cost of our prescriptions, doctor's visits etc.

Sad thing is, I consider myself lucky...many people are paying a hell of a lot more than I am. The exact same policy through the exchanges would have cost me $900+ per month in premiums.

With everything else going on in the world (earthquake, riots, all of the Hillary scandals, Iran getting nuclear capabilities), let's not forget we have 633 days of destruction ahead from the current POTUS. Hopefully, more of you will realize the damage you have done by "making history" with your vote.

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Anonymous said...

don't retire early, unless your company will pay ALL of your medical insurance. I retired early and when ObamaCare went into effect, the early retirement benefits that my company received from the federal government and passed along to me were ended, causing my premiums to skyrocket. So after many years of only seeing my premiums go up a couple of dollars a month, they have now gone up a couple of HUNDRED dollars a month for the past two years.