Monday, November 16, 2015

Ed Rogers, Washington Post, defending Obama

“Even though I’m no fan of his, it still stings when non-Americans run down our president. To be fair, I also got a lot of heat about President George W. Bush in his final year in office when I traveled abroad, and I defended him as well. But trying to defend your president from angry charges that he is too tough is easier than defending your president to foreigners who are worried and anxious about him being too weak. Actually, I travel a lot, and these days, no one in any foreign capitals I visit will defend Obama’s foreign policy. Based on what I see, when it comes to the president’s foreign policy, the Democratic national security elite don’t defend him, his former advisers don’t defend him and even current U.S. ambassadors don’t really know what to say. There are a lot of awkward pauses and attempts to change the subject”

James Taranto (WSJ) reported this and says there is no date stamp, but it appears to have been BEFORE Friday’s attack on Paris.

Mr. Obama once described the ISIS as a junior varsity terror outfit and as recently as Friday said “we have contained” it.

Remember when Europe lined up in 2008 to swoon over him? It looked like Berlin in the 1930s with another bad ruler.

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