Sunday, November 08, 2015

Dreams, visions and prophecies

Gemechis Buba 2

Great sermon today by Gemechis Buba, Mission Director of the North American Lutheran Church, at Mill Run, UALC on dreams, visions and prophecies. He reminded us that the culture is pushing the church to the fringes and we need to regain our vision. He reflected that the great churches of Sweden, Norway, Germany, England and Holland sent missionaries to Africa, but neglected their own countries and their children and grandchildren lost the faith established centuries ago. Pastor Buba, who was raised in Ethiopia, noted that a German missionary had baptized him. Now Africa is sending missionaries to Europe to fill their empty pulpits. I crossed the river to hear him and my husband came over after ushering at our Lytham campus. He has a powerful message; will probably be at sermon site by Tuesday.

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