Sunday, November 08, 2015

If we solved poverty, too many people would be out of work

It's not easy being poor, and especially homeless. You have to support so many good middle class jobs. I was looking through the 2014-15 annual report of the Ohio Housing Trust Fund yesterday. It began as a group of concerned citizens in 1990 cobbling together resources to help the homeless and now has a budget of about $60 million. It doles out grants to various non-profits who assist with low income housing and programs for the homeless. I looked at one of the larger grants, Integrated Services of Appalachian Ohio (that's the geographic area that Obama promised to destroy in 2008--coal country). This ISAO has a budget of about $7 million. CEO makes $134,522 (2013), and about 60% of that $7 million goes to salaries. Poverty is big business.

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