Saturday, November 14, 2015

The ISIS Threat in Paris and here

When GW Bush left office, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were essentially over; only security and mop up of dangerous elements plus training of local government forces remained. But "ending the war" was Obama's campaign promise in 2008 and it had been taken from him. Never mind. We lost more military in his first term than 2 of Bush. He continued with that theme, ignored the fragility of the wars' end, and foolishly let ISIL (IS) rise to the power it is today. The whole world will pay for his hungry pride. The terrorists of yesterday's French attack put us on notice by saying they thirst for America's blood.

Watching a British news source last night I notice they referred to this as "the situation," and "the event." Now that's the worst PC-isms I've ever heard. Perhaps we need to return to plain English, Mr. President.

The daughter of Geraldo Rivera of Fox News was at the Paris soccer stadium where one of the attacks took place. There was a very moving first hand account from her, after her rescue by family friends when all the public and private transportation shut down. Rivera has represented the liberal view on the Fox show,The Five, since pundit Bickel went to rehab. But last night he sounded like Donald Trump. That's what fear looks and sounds like, and that is the purpose of terrorism.

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