Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What country is Obama living in?

What a stupid thing (back hand at GOP governors) he said yesterday—that we shouldn’t have a preference for Syrian Christians or Moslems.  Christians are being massacred by Muslim jihadists on both sides.  Where are the surrounding Muslim nations that can take in the Muslim refugees?  Why ship them across the ocean to our country so our naïve, whiny college students can radicalize them?

  In five years, the U.S. has taken in 53 Christians from that war torn area, and thousands of Muslims.  But it is the Christians facing genocide. Meanwhile Jordan and Turkey are buying cheap oil from ISIS, and Obama glad hands them.

This man has no heart; only political goals masquerading as values and ethics, and I might add, pretending to care.  And according to the constitution, he has one job—to keep the country safe. If he didn’t like the job description, why did he run?






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