Sunday, November 29, 2015

It seemed reasonable to remove Confederate flags, and then . . .

But the left eats its own.  Any appeasement just makes them more hungry.  The fragile students we’ve been laughing at on college campuses demanding “safe spaces” have become neo-fascists.

First, protests gradually grow more extreme. Venom is directed at fellow leftists who are deemed insufficiently radical.

In revolutionary France, wild-eyed Jacobins soon guillotined reformist Girondins, who were considered passe. During the Russian Revolution, extremist Bolsheviks marginalized liberal Mensheviks. In the 1960s, many members of the SDS and Black Panthers hated liberals who disapproved of their violence.

A group called the Black Justice League wants the name of liberal-but-bigoted President Woodrow Wilson removed from Princeton University.   [and the leaders are wealthy . . .]

Maximilien Robespierre, the spear point of the French Revolution, was an upper-middle-class lawyer. Russian revolutionaries Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin were the sons of prosperous Russian families. Former 1960s terrorist bomber Bill Ayers was the scion of a wealthy corporate executive.
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