Friday, November 13, 2015

University of Missouri protests spread, while delicate snowflakes melt under scrutiny

So the protests are spreading. Remember, "Don't trust anyone over 30." Jack Weinburg was my age, he came up with it, and this was a popular slogan in the 1960s. I can't believe the ignorance of the students being interviewed. Now it's gone from snowflake hurt feelings to demanding no tuition.

Neil Cavuto on Fox interviewed the most naïve student organizer yesterday.  She’s read the posters from the leftists, but apparently has never had to fill out an income tax form.  He was very polite and kind and let her hang herself with the rope of ignorance and youth.

"The Million Student March is a movement for an equitable and fair system of education," Mullen told Cavuto. "The three core demands of the National Day Of Action are free public college, cancellation of student debt, and a fifteen dollar minimum wage for people who work on the campus."

Kelley Mullen and her organization seem pretty good at making demands. Explaining how it'll all be paid for? Not so much.

"So how's that going to be paid?" Cavuto casually asked.

"Ummm...great question...I," Mullen stammered.

Cavuto proceeded to demolish Mullen's claims that "the 1%" would be footing the bill for her organization's demands.

One student I listened to being interviewed said 50% of the U.S. budget went for military (not); another said 50% of Americans were poverty level (not). They seem to be stuck on 50 percent.  Maybe it’s Common Core Math?

Defense is 19%; Medicare Medicaid 23%; Social Security 20% of the budget. About 14% of Americans are at or below poverty level although it has increased some under this administration, with $22,000 per poor person going to anti-poverty programs each year. Student loans are high and climbing because of the government tweaking which simply allows universities and colleges to raise tuition. Some students seem to think education is a right, not a privilege. We've raised a generation of numbskulls.

I haven't checked the details, but apparently the student body president of Mizzou, black and gay and homecoming king/queen, is from a wealthy Chicago family, interned with Rahm Emanuel as a community organizer, has met with President Obama, and lied about the KKK threat which has caused some of the uproar. Well, liberal college faculty and administrations are getting what they asked for the last 20-30 years. Now the movement is spreading and other college presidents are being asked to step down from colleges that have no diversity of thought.


Really funny parody by Matt Walsh. “Someone insulted me,” fire the CEO.

Perhaps the poor melting snowflakes on the Mizzou campus could view footage of the carnage on another campus, this one in Nairobi earlier this year, of 147 students, mostly Christians who couldn't recite verses from the Koran to their Islamic killers. Mizzou protesters are apparently confused about terrorism and threats to their personal space.

I saw this comment about the gay black student at Mizzou who spread the KKK rumors  (later admitted it wasn’t true) which helped get the president "fired," then had to apologize.

"Clearly, a Duke LaCrosse playing KKK member from a fraternity at UVA grabbed some U Delaware light hanging nooses and drew the poopsticka. Then dated Lena Dunham, hard. It's the only explanation that makes sense. Heads must keep rolling."


Norma said...

Joan writes at FB: Think about today's 18 year old. Since he/she was 11 or 12 years old (most of his/her memory), we've had a culture in which all our leaders have been overt liars with no shame or negative consequences for their lack of integrity. These babies' entire "life experience" has been participation certificates and trophies; their school achievement has been Mom's and Teacher's problem; free breakfast and lunch at school for most has been the norm; new car on 16th birthday is expected and common; biggest high school worry has been the brand name on your boots and jackets. Most have been protected against the slightest embarrassment or disappointment. They haven't lived or had any responsibility. Apparently they don't know enough history to know that socialist/communist societies always turn out bad for the common folks. Why should these little hothouse flowers take any risk or responsibility now?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Hillary Clinton follower. Isn't she advocating for free college, or is that Sanders. And who will pay? The rich, of course.