Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jeanne's 80th Birthday Party

I mentioned I was planning to attend a 50s theme party, but didn't say for whom because is was an elaborate surprise.  Our niece Joan in Indianapolis notified us a year ago to save the date, February 20, for her Mom's birthday party.  And she really pulled it off.  Her step-sister Susie and her daughter Tammy flew in from Florida and her Mom's half sister came from California, and of course, we and our children drove from Ohio. Joan has 8 grandchildren, and some of Bob and Jeanne's other children have children, so it was a huge crowd, including church friends.  Seeing a photo (after the event) of Jeanne lovingly holding the newest great grandchild who was a few weeks old, made me think that this is the sort of welcome we'll have in heaven.

Joan really worked on the 50s theme; there was a backdrop of a 50's style diner for taking photos, the cupcakes were decorated like little sodas, we had hamburgers and hot dogs and French fries for our buffet, and little soda glasses for party favors. There was a pianist for appropriate music, balloons, and decorations. Joan had a poodle skirt made for her mom, and saddle shoes (she had told her she was taking her to a 50s theme diner for lunch). 
Joan, who planned it all, with her Mom
The siblings, Bob, Jeanne, and Debbie
Phoebe and Mark with Aunt Jeanne
Bob and Jeanne, high school sweethearts and married about 45 years
My sisters-in-law with me (my real 1950s blazer)
  72 degrees, could sit on the patio, all the children could run
Most of the grandchildren, some with spouses
 Bob and Norma in authentic 50s attire
 Cute cupcakes for dessert
Debbie and Bob
Bob and Jeanne jitterbug

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