Thursday, February 11, 2016

Short story snippets with no endings

At Marc's today I was standing next to a very frustrated shopper who had found cracked eggs in her carton, and complained to the clerk about how rushed she was as a "24/7 caretaker."  I didn't know her but put my arm around her shoulder and gave her a hug.  She explained that her husband has Parkinson's and dementia, and she can hardly ever get out of the house and has to rush through her errands and gets very frustrated.

A woman with a heavy accent couldn't find something and the stocker was trying to explain to her.  I later saw her wandering around the dairy section, and I asked if could help.  She couldn't find the "egg beaters," so I told her I would help. (I'd never seen them.)  Finally I found them with the sausage, so I flagged her down, and she selected what she wanted.  I told her we'd been in Spain in September and that I had a hard time finding things in their large super markets.

An elderly man was staring at the shelves of jams and jellies (he was older than me!).  I told him I just love Mrs. Miller's jellies and jams and they really are made by Amish right here in Ohio.  Then I recommended Rhubarb-Strawberry, and I picked up a jar for my grocery cart.  Later I was behind him at check out, and the only grocery item he had (everything else was for home repair) was Mrs. Miller's Rhubarb-Strawberry jam.

I had 13 items, but stood in the 12 item line.  The woman in front of me had one item--a package of English muffins. I commented that she must be having a snack attack because the store was rather crowded to come in for one item.  So she explained she had shopped earlier and forgot this item which she likes to take to work for a snack.  Then we discussed the recent recall on packaged salads, which she also liked to buy (from a Springfield, OH plant); we both agreed you have to wash everything and decided processed food might be safer since nothing can live in it.

At the Volunteers of America store I went right to the book shelves, although I certainly don't need another book. There was a mother and child speaking Russian while looking at toys, shelved near the books.  I was so thrilled I could still understand a conversation between a mom and a 3 years old--that's about the level of my understanding. Kids ask the same things in all languages.

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