Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dressing for the 1950s

Today we are going to a party for which we're supposed to dress in 50s attire.  Because I have a clothing archive, I actually own outfits from the 1950s, even my wedding dress made by my mother in 1955 for my sister. The problem as I see it is that I don't have a 1950s body!  I actually weigh less than I did when I wore one dress--a floral jersey--to a dance around 1959, and it's in the closet, but my waist is about 5" larger and I can't zip it.  It even has a sewn in crinoline. And I just don't have any saddle shoes or white bucks. The photo below is authentic 1955 clothing styles in Mt. Morris, Illinois. Looks like it might have been early spring and I jumped the gun a bit and am wearing a cotton skirt. Perhaps it was new (Mom made it).  I never seemed to be together where fashion is concerned.

So I will be authentically dressed for this party in an unconstructed gray and red plaid jacket my mother made for me for college, and a flared gray wool skirt I found last week at Volunteers of America for 75 cents that is mid-calf. The previous owner had taken the waist in about an inch in two places, but it had the dry cleaner tag still on it, so I just let out the stitching. It's a little snug, but I can breathe. Pencil straight skirts were popular, but also flared skirts as you can see from the photo. It's been awhile since I wore wool, both pieces feel a bit scratchy. We looked through my husband's high school annuals and examined closely the photos.  My goodness!  Young women dressed with pride and flare in those days!  There's not much you can do with torn jeans and saggy t-shirts with political slogans.

The photo below is what I'm wearing and was probably taken 6-8 years ago when I was rearranging storage and had it out of the garment bag. I probably even wore it to work a few times in the 90s because OSU colors are scarlet and gray and that was the custom on Fridays before a football game.


Jim Urish said...

Norma, Inread it. Didn't know, however what a "sown in credo line" was! Not that I need to know! Interesting though.

Paula said...

I love costume and dress-up parties. Enjoy! Great pics!

Norma said...

Jim, that's a sewn in crinoline. . . fancy petticoat. They are hard to find except at costume places, however, one gal at the party got quite creative, bought a child's costume with a net skirt, cut off the top and added a waist band.