Monday, February 22, 2016

How liberals respond to those not like themselves

I've been somewhat surprised at the classism and snobbery of liberals and even some Republicans at their description of the Trump supporters as uneducated, low class, blue collar, redneck troglodytes who can't find their way to a voting booth for anyone but a blow hard, millionaire capitalist. Is this a voter registration test? Do American voters have to have a certain level of education and always believe the pie in the sky promises of the federal government in order to be an informed? What did Obama do for coal miners, or teens who just want an entry level job to work up to something better? The minimum wage push is just eliminating the positions they could fill, and the Obamacare mandate has closed down some small businesses.  What has the President said about gun owners and fundamentalist Christians?

And Trump likes Obamacare. Without the mandate, there is no Obamacare. There are probably some low income voters who believe both Obama and Trump--that they'll not have good health insurance unless big government takes over. That's what the SCOTUS decision was about. Trump loves big government--he's a crony capitalist and that helps him make money. He's also a liar, and you just can't blame voters for believing his hope and change message--it's happened before--especially in 2008.

I need to be reminded of what Shane Vander Hart wrote when considering the primaries and coming election : 
"God is still on His throne regardless what the ultimate outcome of the nomination process and general election is. We will either get the President we need or the one we deserve. Our country needs a spiritual awakening and that will not come from the White House regardless of who resides there." Amen. Now if I can just remember that.

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