Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jim Goad's personal history of being "white trash"

This is a bio-history of white slavery/conscription and the white under class (the author calls it "white trash") in the U.S. with its beginnings in Europe. It's personal--the author includes his own family genealogy. I don't know him, so can't vouch for anything except he does include footnotes. I'm not sure why children aren't told more truth about slavery--what they learn in school is very political and race based. Probably we need to follow the money to the poverty and race pimps working on government grants. Peace and harmony work against this kind of wealth so it must be stomped out.

I'm trying to think back on what I learned as a child, but draw a blank except for those old paintings displayed in National Geographic of slave markets in Roman times. It wasn't until I was an adult and studied on my own and also got interested in genealogy that I discovered slavery and indentured servitude built all the great nations of the world. It helped Roman empire and the north African empires to thrive. I also learned from Prof. Gates (Obama's friend and mentor) that free blacks owned slaves at a higher rate than free whites in the south. However, one of the worst aspects of the silence and true history of slavery is that it is a bigger "business" today than in the 18th century.  It involves sex workers and laborers and children taken from or sold by their parents. Many churches are now developing ministries, but children aren't being taught about it in school--they are being taught about "white privilege" and "microaggression."


This was written 2 years ago for black history month. It's a good summary and Professor Gates contributed much or was the inspiration for it.

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