Thursday, February 04, 2016

Some issues just go together

Some values and political ideas just seem to go together like mac and cheese or ham and eggs. For instance, those who believe in ending the life of babies in the womb for any reason and the lives of elderly in end stage disease or the disabled who can't protest also believe in things that don't seem related at all, but they are so predictable, there must be a connection.

1) protesting the death penalty for vicious criminals,
2) open borders and sanctuary cities,
3) increasing regulatory burdens on small businesses,
4) increasing taxes on the successful to spread the wealth to the less successful,
5) creating education systems that cater to the lowest common denominator and give more power to the federal government,
6) taking private property for either government use or promised good for society to be given to crony capitalists,
7) violating religious rights guaranteed in the first amendment,
8) recreating the military through social engineering,
9) letting gender confused boys share bathrooms and showers with girls while screaming "rape culture",
10) destroying centuries-old historical standards for marriage
11) legalizing marijuana
12) putting people in boxes and calling it diversity and multiculturalism with severe punishment for violation
13) destroying a private health insurance system and making it illegal and punishable by jail and fine to not have government insurance
14) requiring an ID for just about everything except voting
15) creating huge "non-profit" foundations by politicians and former government career officers which rake in millions while decrying wealth that is profit from an actual business which creates jobs
16) choosing winners and losers in business by government, especially new technology to support climate myths
17) requiring workers to belong to unions in order to work
18) pushing progressive income tax rather than a fair or flat tax
19) advocating free college for all, even though the education bubble has been created by the government, a bigger bubble than the 2007-08 housing bubble
20) Downsizing to a smaller, weaker military.

Conservative vs. liberal ideas

Pro-choice vs. pro-life

Abortion and climate change

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