Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary's Hate

"She promised to make government bigger and bigger and bigger. A communist at heart, she promised to suck up to the hardcore socialists in her party. She promised to empty the prisons. She promised to create worse-than-useless green jobs with big taxpayer subsidies. She promised to flood the country with aliens, illegal or otherwise, and hard-to-assimilate Muslims. With her grating voice, she attacked Republican nominee Donald Trump shrilly and relentlessly."

Did you hear the one where she shouted she'd get money out of politics?  Yuck it up. That's a real knee slapper.   WSJ reported today she's taken almost $50 million from hedge fund managers, and Donald Trump $19,000.


unhappy repub said...

you actually called her a communist!? Now I thought you of all people,would refrain from or stoop to name calling. But I believe you did last election cycle too. I stopped reading you then. When the going gets tough the name called begins. I am a good Republican but I will not be reduced to name calling no matter how badly I wish to win or how much I dislike the other side. When you do that dear you sound like a Trump gone loose . CAREFUL it could backfire on us.For the sake of your faithful reader and our party PLEASE tone it down.

Norma said...

Hello. Do you see the quotation marks and citation? You are not a republican and never have been or you wouldn't be defending Hillary the Crook.

Anonymous said...

Why do you let your trolls post?