Friday, July 15, 2016

The other Joan from the other Rome writes

"A 92-year-old lady I know had to traipse all over town today to pay a $100 fine she received for parking in a handicapped parking space at Walmart for a few minutes last week. She is in good health for her age but doesn't always have an abundance of energy. She was an "undocumented" parker, but all our "undocumented" residents are not fined or dealt with in any way; in fact, they are given special cities where they can avoid any penalty for their crimes. Maybe we should establish a "sanctuary city" for people who park illegally, so they can avoid the results of their violation of law?? Or maybe she could be elected to Congress so she doesn't have to obey the law? It's nice to know that we're punishing the offenses that really matter!"

(There is a reporter for EWTN who lives in Rome, Italy, and reports on the Vatican.  This Joan lives in Rome, Georgia)

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