Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Speeches by First Ladies

I've now read more FLOTUS speeches than I care to, and they all talked about parents, hard work, strong values being passed on to their husband and self. Just about the only time Democrats talk about that without charges of racism and white privilege. After all, Obama was raised in a white family and his grandmother was a banker who sent him to private schools. I still think Elizabeth Dole's speech in 96 was the best ever, and no one can borrow from that one. FYI: I'm watching NBC--it is devoting more time to this than necessary. Has NBC ever found fault with the Obamas?

However, if you don't like a candidate the wife is fair game it seems.  I remember when a group from the American Library Association refused to attend (or maybe picketed) a speech by Laura Bush, a former librarian and big supporter of reading and archives.  ALA is so left it could fall off the planet. And I remember people on the right criticizing Mrs. Obama for her toned arms! She always looks great, and is a great role model for girls who can't get out of jeans, but detractors couldn't see it.

I read one account that Michelle’s speech 8 years ago was the same as that 7 habits of highly successful people book. But can’t imagine why Trump's campaign staff wasn’t more careful. At least she didn’t say it was the first time she’d been proud of her country. Although, maybe she did—I didn’t hear the speech.

I was a speech writer for a state politician in my 1983 job for the state of Ohio; it was a lot of cut and paste from her old speeches plus mixing in current issues, then making sure it had her rhythm and style. In those days you didn’t have the internet for checking word phrases.


unhappy repub said...

fair game for sure. I remember clearly you taking on Michelle Obama for what?something she ate or wore don't remember but it was trivial. someone called you out on it and you,to your credit,backed off. So this piece of yours is bit,well,out of line. But heck it's convention week,so let's all look bad for four days & bash everyone and everything,speeches,clothing,hats and ill-advised speeches.The lady wrapped in the American flag was in the worst taste of all. Mrs. Trumb looked lovely and isn't that what it is all about,looking good and not sounding good. What have we Republicans become?

Norma said...

Do you mean when I wrote about the trivial stuff like

the gap between Michelle's salary and that of most working women?

Or when I'd judged her a better speaker than her husband, with a rich, authentic voice?

Or said she had a wedding dress that only the 1% can afford?

Or when I saw the story about Michelle Obama and the $1,000 handbag with a photo, and I thought it was fake or photoshopped because it was so ugly, but she really did own it?

Or when I wrote she was first First Lady to hire a full-time makeup artist and someone traveled with her to make her eyebrows look less "angry,” but an Obama spokesman was quick to point out this salary was out of their personal funds.

Or when I said Michelle could fire any staff person she wanted if they didn’t get along--it didn’t need to be about money?

Or when I quoted her in 2008 “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” she told a Milwaukee crowd, “because it feels like hope is making a comeback.”

Or when she and Eric Holder performed as the President's surrogates as graduation speakers complaining about race in America?

Or when Michelle talked to the Chinese communists about freedom of expression and information?

Or when I noted that the failed computer system contract for Obamacare went to a classmate of Michelle Obama?