Thursday, July 07, 2016

The organ concert

Yesterday I joined a lovely group of women for a discussion of a common interest, and one mentioned that she's part of a group at home where she allows 10 minutes for an organ concert then cuts it off.  One woman in the group was new to that expression, and thought she meant music.  We explained: an organ concert is when people (mostly older) sit around an compare in great detail their surgeries, diseases, or just aches and pains.

I was about 50 when I noticed.  We were at a lovely restaurant, on the porch with a view of the river, and I could overhear the ladies at a nearby table doing one upmanship on knee and hip surgery, arthritis, and cancer. Around that time I heard the expression "organ concert" and I saw my future.

Ten years ago I wrote about the three forbidden topics for a pot luck. Weight, health and age. It's worth another look, so I don't tell you about my pain level today or why can't things be like they used to be, or whether I had too many calories yesterday.

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