Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia with the Democrats

The parents of the Fairfax County Virginia schools had been petitioning the school board to reconsider its new mixed locker and bath room edict, but with no success. Then. Guess what? Tim Kaine, former governor of Virginia and now a senator from that state, was selected as Hillary Clinton's running mate, and they needed to tap down any backlash for Obama's unpopular transgender policies, and definitely needed to win Kaine's home state. It was a miracle! The Board sent out a letter to parents, stating not that it had reconsidered its crazy policy unpopular with 99.9% of the students, but that it was postponing the implementation of the policy.

 Isn't politics grand? Segregated toilets and ID checks in Philadelphia for the DNC, and a Virginia school board postponing putting boys in the girls' locker room. In North Carolina that gets your tourism industry destroyed.

ISIS hasn't been mentioned in the DNC speeches although the bloody crimes continue in Europe. Today in Normandy an elderly Catholic priest was beheaded at the altar while saying mass by ISIS members. Amazing what can be done with knives. Another dead, another severely wounded. CNN reports it, "Doesn't know the motive?" One of the nuns escaped and went for help. In the U.S., we're killing air conditioners (mine is fried in the van), because according to John Kerry, that's the real danger, not ISIS.

Oh. And someone noticed almost no American flags flying over the DNC. I'm not watching--can anyone confirm?

Michael Brown's mother of the Ferguson riots is going to speak at the DNC. I can understand her grief. Her son is dead. If my son high on drugs had robbed a minority run store and then lunged into a police car to grab the officer's gun, I'd be grieving too. I just wouldn't go to the nation on TV and absolve him of guilt.

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