Monday, July 25, 2016

What does the priest say to Kaine in confession?

I was reading today the Catholic Catechism section on penance and reconciliation, and wonder how this fits with those who support the killing of the unborn in violation of church teaching, especially those supporting and influencing the laws of a nation of over 300 million. Being pro-choice reaches much deeper than dismembering a fetus or taking a morning after pill. In politics it’s lock step with euthanasia and the designation of male and female which protect families. The pro-choice mind set on the value of another human being, not unlike slavery in the mid-19th century when there were political decisions that could make or break a promising career.  “ I personally wouldn’t own a slave in Maine but support the right in South Carolina”. 
I do wonder what a priest says to really powerful, influential Catholics like Pelosi, Biden and Kerry (or even the deceased T. Kennedy), and now Kaine (who I believe rose up through the ranks as pro-life and then flipped to buy his political success) and was selected by Clinton* to make the party platform more compatible with the formerly reliable Catholic constituency!/search/1440-1449/fn/1446:47 
We Lutherans (and Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Brethren, etc.) have no such rules; we just show up or don’t, believe or don’t, it makes no difference, and no one cares. We can sin as much as we want because no one has any authority to say otherwise, “Jesus paid it all,” as the hymn says.
*Yes, Trump did the same political calculation choosing Pence to buy Evangelicals, but where is the church rule that says he can't?

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